san_jose_area_veterinarian“In May 2013 our beloved 8-year old female Labrador Pup Loni was diagnosed with a cruciate ligament tear.

We had no idea these can be a fairly common occurrence in certain breeds and also had no idea that within the months that ensued just what type of an emotional rollercoaster ride my wife and I were in for!

Emotional goes without saying as when your canine family member is in pain so are you! What then added to the pain was finding out that the only true viable option for her long term healing was surgery–general cost between $4-5,000.

I do not know who cried harder when hearing this, my wife or myself because we simply did not have that. Fortunately we had friends and family who stepped up to help us. I do not know what we would have done without their support!

And also a great support group for the owners of dogs that must go through this surgery and long and emotionally draining aftercare process.

But first there was the huge decision of who to place the trust of our beloved girl into the hands of.

By Gods grace we contacted Dr. Natt at the Serra Pet Hospital in Sunnyvale, CA. After deciding on him to do the surgery our next big decision was which one to have.

There are generally recognized 2-types of main surgeries that are performed–either a TPLO or TTA–do not ask me to spell what they stand for, although what Dr. Natt was touting was a new procedure referred to as MMP which I will mention that it stands for stands Modified Maquet Procedure.

This is a primary surgical procedure for CCL tears in Europe, although much newer to the US. It is actually a modification of a TTA, however uses a much more substantial titanium wedge, is less invasive to the dog and has a faster healing time. 6-weeks as opposed to 8-weeks.

Dr. Natt was happy to do the other procedures. He had only performed 5 MMP’s to that point however, was quite confident it is one of the best, more significant procedures going. It just has not caught on yet in the US because it requires the VET to go through a new learning curve that most do not want to do when they are comfortable with the old standards- TPLO or TTA.

Having him do this new MMP procedure proved to be one of the best decisions we ever could have made. From the moment we picked our precious pup up following her surgery–aside from her shaved leg that we had to get use to and crating and coning her that she had to get use to–Loni was getting around quite well. It did not seem long at all that she was starting to put pressure back down on the surgical leg and even though we were giving her pain medication she just never really seemed to be in that great of pain following the operation. Dogs of course are stoic and we had to watch her every movement even when she was crated–however she seemed confident wanting to start doing the things she would always do prior to her injury.

When taking her back for her final post op visit to Dr. Natt, the x-ray confirmed that her knee had healed perfectly. All of us could not have been more pleased and grateful for meeting this wonderful Veterinarian who is on the cutting edge of this MMP procedure.

We could talk of how highly we think of Dr. Natt’s extraordinary abilities as a surgeon and pride in the work he does, but would be remiss in my not mentioning how much we liked him as a person and no one more so than his new patient, Loni!

Dr. Natt is one of only perhaps 20 doctors in the country who perform the MMP surgery and people have now started bringing their pups to him for this surgery from other states outside where he is located in Sunnyvale, California.

We have now saved one of the best things for last and that is that the entire surgical process from pre-op visits to post op visits, xrays, cones, prescriptions etc., cost us $3,000 total!

No hidden costs what-so-ever! And believe me, I talked to at least half a dozen surgical Vets around our area that would give us a base cost and then the add-ons from that. We actually had one traveling Vet quote us one price and then meeting with him to discuss Loni’s surgery quoted us a price $600 more!

As we write this with Loni now laying next to us 12 weeks post surgery, we continue to thank God she is now well, actually we often think better than well as she has a new knee and renewed life!

However, we could not be any more thankful for entrusting her to the only Vet she will now ever know and go to in her life Dr. J. S. Natt!”

William Lauer

Please do not hestitate to call us at Serra Veterinary Hospital if you pet is experiencing the same problems, (408) 739-3545.