CT Scan

We are very excited to introduce a new CT scan into our Hospital!

Our goal is to provide your pet with the best quality medicine and care. Our hospital offers an advanced diagnostic imaging tool called CT (computed tomography) scanning. Pets who may require a CT scan include those with neurologic disorders (disk disease, seizures, etc.), orthopedic conditions, jaw fractures, dental or nasal illness.

Pets must be fully anesthetized as movement can ruin a CT scan image. Your pet will be placed on a unique table that is slowly advanced into the part of the machine that performs the scan. An x-ray tube rotates 360 degrees around your pet to record the x-rays in thin slices from many different angles. When the computer finishes internally processing all the x-rays, it creates an image on a monitor.

In general, CT scans provide more detailed information than traditional x-rays. Dye (contrast media) can also be injected into your pet’s bloodstream to outline abnormalities further. Our doctors are experienced in reading CT images to diagnose your pet’s condition correctly.

CT imaging is an important imaging tool because it allows for cross-sectional views of all types of tissues. It is similar to an x-ray, but images slices are taken and computed to create a 3-D image of a patient, allowing for high-quality images of the internal anatomy.

Some of its uses include but are not limited to:

  •  Dental Imaging
  •  Some Cancer diagnoses
  • Trauma/Many Injury assessments
  •  Surgical Planning
  •  Bones and Joint disorder
  • Abdominal & Chest abnormalities

We also offer these services to your pet on an outpatient basis (your Veterinarian can refer you here for the CT scan only, and then you can go back to them for the treatment your pet needs.)

With this new technology, owners will be able to make informed decisions and provide the best care possible. For more information please check out this link: animage.com