We've been taking our dog here since we first brought him home. When I called to set up his first appointment, the staff was very well informed when it came to what vaccines he needed etc. He had his first check up and vaccines and everything was fine. Dr. Natt let us know some different things about his breed characteristics and offered tips for his care when he got to be a little older. Every time we go in for routine checks and vaccine boosters the staff is great and Dr. Natt has always been especially nice and helpful

Jen, Santa Clara, CA

I've been bringing my dogs to Serra Veterinary hospital for years and have been very happy with the way they and I have been treated. Dr. Natt not only shows care and respect for my beloved dogs, but to me and my family as well. He has taken the time to get to know us and what we want for our dogs. He is patient and straightforward, explains things well, and clearly stays up on the latest in the field of veterinary medicine. During high stress times, such as when we had to euthanize our terminally ill dog, his and his staff's compassion were greatly appreciated, as they made a very painful time a little less awful. Going to a veterinary hospital where we and our dogs feel known, and where we know they will receive such good care gives us confidence whenever we walk in their doors.

Cinde, Sunnyvale, CA

Well I must say I'm VERY impressed. I have had pets all my life (30+ yrs) and have never liked or respected a vet this much. My kitty Maui has had bad teeth for all of her 7 years. She has seen 3 vets who basically shrugged their shoulders. Try Dr. Natt if you've got a pet with undiagnosed problems. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Majken, Mesa, AZ

I was lucky to have found Dr. Natt at Serra Veterinary Hospital. My dog (Max) broke ligamnet in his right rear leg. I had him examined by a vet near me and he diagnosed cruciate ligament tear in his leg. I live in North Bay and was getting quotes of about $4500 - $5500 in the North Bay area. I called few veterinarians in the surrounding areas, looking for lower prices. By chance, I came across Serra Veterinary Hospital and the minute I spoke to the their staff to discuss Max's need for surgery, I knew I had found the right Vet. Their prices saved me over $2000 but more importantly, the care that Max received from Dr.Natt and the rest of the staff was outstanding! Dr.Natt was very thorough in explaining the orthopedic procedure(TTA) required to fix Max's leg and took the time to answer all of my questions. He was always responsive, both by phone and through email. I wish I lived closer to Sunnyvale and could use Dr. Natt as my full time vet but I won't hesitate to make the drive for any of Max 's future needs that require anything more than a check-up.

Paul, Sunnyvale

Dr. Natt and his staff are amazing at what they do. He is the only one in the area that is specialized in TTA / TPLO surgeries. Not only that, his costs are much more affordable than other clinics. Check out their website for a list of pet care services and you will understand Dr. Natt's knowledge when it comes to animal health is invaluable.

Vin, San Jose, CA

Dr.Natt is an amazing veterinarian. We've met him about a year ago when a friend of mine recommended me to come to Sierra Vet. Hospital after we've tried out the third vet. The thing is, my dog needs special attention, and we got a lot of it at this hospital. Dr.Natt is very patient, he explains everything carefully. His staff is amazing, also. Very helpful and thoughtful. We with my dog have been treated as family members here. Now, we've moved to East Bay, but don’t want to change the vet, and continue coming to Dr.Natt.

Irina, Walnut Creek, CA