our veterinary staff in Sunnyvale, CA

Our Sunnyvale Veterinarians

Dr. Natt


Dr. Natt has been a practicing veterinarian for nearly 24 years. He has established a loyal clientele. His special interests are general surgery, orthopedics, endoscopy, laparoscopy, dentistry and internal medicine.

He completed the ECFVG program at Purdue University West Lafayette in 1992, after that he worked at several different clinics in Chicago and the bay area before opening his first practice in south San Jose in 1994. Dr. Natt then went on to purchase Serra Veterinary Hospital Inc, in 1999 which had been opened and serving the community since 1967. Dr. Natt is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Veterinary Information Network.

Advance training includes orthopedics including CBLO(Cora based leveling osteotomy)TPLO,TTA,MMP, Total Hip Replacement , Corrective Osteotomies, Arthroscopy, Internal and External Fracture Fixation, Hybrid External Skeletal Fixation, Interlocking Nails, FIXIN Internal Fixation, ALPS( Advanced Locking Plate System), Maxillofacial repair, Arthrodesis, Spinal Surgery, Reconstructive surgery, endoscopy (rigid and flexible), laparoscopy and dentistry.

When not at the clinic he likes to spend time with his family, bike riding and flying (an instrument rated private pilot).

Dr. Kate Fedorova

imagejpeg_0We are pleased to welcome Dr. Kate Fedorova to our hospital. Dr. Kate is a 2004 graduate of Perm Agriculture Academy in Russia and completed her ECFVG in 2016.

Dr. Kate wanted to be a veterinarian since childhood and always had a passion for animals. Dr. Kate particularly enjoys the challenges of keeping your pets healthy and happy. When not practicing, Dr. Kate enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, Vadik and Mark. When time permits, she also enjoys yoga and horse riding. She is the proud owner of a Chihuahua (Cheremosh) and cat (Hummer) from Russia. She also has a dog named Krosha who was abandoned and she nursed back to good health.

Hospital Management



Pamela joined Serra Vet. in April 2001. She brings 15 years of management experience to her role as Hospital Manager. Unique in her strong people skills is her informed and insightful knowledge of the Veterinary world. Her ready smile and clear direction make Pamela a pivotal leader in the Hospital team. Always available to embrace your concerns or queries, she welcomes contact with all our clients. Pamela takes pride in giving our clients and their pets excellent customer service and also to ensure the hospital runs smoothly.

I love it here. This is my dream job. These are an amazing team of people;they are welcoming, flexible and knowledgeable. I so much appreciate the level of medicine that is practiced here.

Her commitment to detail and excellent client service has formed the template for training and guidelines for all support staff members at Serra Vet. Her vision and dedication to helping clients and supporting the staff in a variety of ways has been one of her most important contributions. Her dedication and devotion does not stop at Serra however, but extends to her“wonderful husband” and “Three fantastic children”. She is very close to her family and spending time with them is what gives her “the most joy”. She enjoys playing with her cat “Kulfi” who is now 17 years old, is always looking for more time to do artwork, and squeeze in movies, yoga, reading, and cooking as hobbies into her busy days.

Pamela enjoys the outdoors and just completed her 6th Half Marathon last year. She describes Serra Vet. as a place that makes her “very proud” of what her and Dr. Natt have created. She feels that Serra Vet has a “fantastic and dedicated staff and together we provide the utmost in quality service and care for our community and their animal companions”.